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Wiesbaden with "Dieselfahrverbot light"

It is intended to become a model for other metropolises - and not least to show that it is possible to prevent and circumvent diesel driving bans with well thought-out concepts.

At the beginning of the year, Wiesbaden was able to avert a diesel driving ban in court, as in the neighbouring city of Mainz. The condition, however, was to take constructive and, first and foremost, immediate countermeasures to reduce pollutant emissions from urban traffic.

Among other things, the Hessian city decided to install environmental lanes on its Rhine bank. In addition to the already mentioned air pollution situation and its improvement, the aim is to optimise the traffic situation, the city itself calls it "liquefaction", as the Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper quotes it.

A total of 19 bus lines will be able to use the new lanes, and cyclists will also be allowed to use them in addition to buses. As a special treat on top of this package of measures, the diesel buses of the Wiesbaden fleet will be replaced by electronically operated buses.

If it turns out in the near future that the Wiesbaden project is bearing fruit, other cities and municipalities will in all probability make efforts to introduce similar regulations based on the Wiesbaden model, experts estimate.