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Use of drones against air pollution

Not only vehicles produce emissions such as particulate matter, nitrogen oxide or sulphur dioxide, but also ships. Particularly large cruise ships are repeatedly criticised for having a lion's share of the air pollution and for being the actual culprits for the diesel driving bans, especially in cities with ports, such as Hamburg.

The Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) now wants to take care of this matter and wants to have the exhaust fumes of the ships monitored by drones. In particular, the focus is on the concentration of sulphur dioxide caused by the burning of heavy oil as fuel.  
Since 2015 the limit values have been set at 0.1 percent on the North Sea and Baltic Sea, and 0.5 percent worldwide since 2020.

We hope that the measurements are effective and that the improvement of air quality will be further promoted.