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Toast worse than diesel

We often complain about the motor vehicle when it comes to environmental pollution and health hazards, but the latest findings from the home environment make us sit up and take notice.

When white bread in the toaster is burned in the kitchen, fine dust is produced in previously undreamt of concentrations. Everyone knows it: you make a slice of toast at home and it burns. But be careful: the smoke from the burnt bread is highly harmful to health, as the British newspaper Times reports. Even crumbs left behind on the bottom of the toaster char when it is used again and sometimes produce 100 times the amount of fine dust.
For comparison: the fine dust load may only be 25 micrograms per cubic meter, the toaster can cause concentrations of up to 4,000 micrograms. But other household items such as candles are also real environmental sinners.
So caution is also called for at home, because the rule still applies: most accidents happen at home.