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The lie of speed limit 30

Around a year ago on LeipzigerStraße was introduced in Berlin Tempo 30 The goal was to significantly reduce the extremely high nitrogen oxide load (59 g / m³) and to prevent further dieseldrivingbans.

The result: just 4 % less NO2! So every month after month, the 700.000 vehicles and commuters had to suffer from traffic restrictions.

Even on the topic of accidents, the Berlin police could not find any "significant impact on road safety due to the pace 30", according to the B.Z.

The real scandal is that studies showed that reducing the speed hardly any effect on NO2 pollution. Nevertheless, the traffic senator Regine Günther from the Greens stuck to it and pulled through her 30 speed limit project with iron determination.

So will the other speed 30 zones finally be abolished and the commuters relieved?