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The end of particulate matter pollution?

An invention from Great Britain promises to remedy the problem of particulate matter.

Tyre wear in road traffic generates large amounts of particulate matter that is hazardous to health. Every time you brake or turn off, the tyres of motor vehicles wear down. During these processes the smallest toxic particles are released into the environment and remain in the air we breathe and in the water. In Europe alone, half a million tonnes of these tyre particles are produced in this way every year. 

A group of young researchers from England has addressed this acute problem and developed an extraction mechanism which, according to the manufacturer, is designed to capture the particulate matter where it is produced: directly on the vehicle or tyre. Extraction systems have been around for a long time, for example in Kiel (we reported), where roadside devices filter the air in the vicinity and thus remove the fine dust. The "secret" of the English invention is at first glance simple physics: Static charge binds the particles to a collector. This innovation could bring about the long-awaited breakthrough in the fight against the harmful micro-particles, as one of the co-developers explains: "Awareness of tyre pollution is growing at the moment. There are many studies that can prove tyre wear in our water and in the air. These particles are small enough to be inhaled. They can cause lung disease and growth problems. And they also find their way into our food chain through water. 

Initial tests were promising, and the prototype was able to bind more than 60 percent of the particulate matter produced in its collector. When and whether the British invention will go into series production is not yet clear. 

We say: as soon as possible, please!