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Switzerland launches the future

After an electronically operated small aircraft in Switzerland received its starter licence at the beginning of this week, the city of Winterthur is now adding to this with its concept for several car-free Sundays.

The goal is clearly defined and contemporary: our neighbours want to become cleaner and "greener". Although the commissioning of the small aircraft with electronic engine is only the proverbial drop in the ocean, it illustrates the political agenda that the Swiss government is ambitiously pursuing. The Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (Bazl) confirmed that, following the successful tests of the new aircraft type, it is intended to continue to rely on models with identical engine equipment in the future. But there is also something happening on the roads in Switzerland, as Winterthur is now getting serious and giving the green light for four car-free Sundays in 2020. In doing so, Winterthur's city council is reacting to corresponding demands from citizens and a cross-party alliance. Now the city council must create a corresponding legal basis which will also allow these car-free Sundays. However, according to the city councillor, it has not yet been completely clarified whether the city may decide and enforce these "driving bans" on its own authority.

Let us hope that the political mills on the other side of our southern border do not grind as slowly as in this country and that the law can be passed quickly. 
Well done, Switzerland!