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Stuttgart buries fine dust alarm

The news hits like a bomb: Stuttgart says goodbye to its fine dust alarm. And this even immediately, because since Wednesday of this week (15.04.) it is already over!

Originally it was one of several measures to comply with legal limits for particulate matter, but now the particulate matter alarm in the engine city is over.

Now that the limit values at all measuring stations have been below the upper limit set by the state for two years now, Mayor Fritz Kuhn (Greens) is relieved to draw a positive balance.  "The particulate matter alarm was right and successful: The air in our city has become cleaner. We have been complying with the limit values for two years now. And it was important to call a spade a spade instead of sweeping the issue under the carpet. The particulate matter alarm has led to people in Stuttgart and the region actively addressing the issue of air pollution control. I am pleased that we can now put an end to the fine dust alarm", Kuhn continues by way of the City of Stuttgart's website.