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Scandale de la protection des données à Sheffield

Pendant une année entière, les données d'un scanner de plaques d'immatriculation ont été stockées dans une base de données municipale sur Internet, facilement accessible à tous.

The city of Sheffield is facing a spicy case of data protection abuse, because the collected data of 8.6 million license plates were freely available on the internet. According to the IT magazine The Register, the data was collected by a total of 100 cameras that recorded live traffic at many points in the English city. The error, which has since been corrected, was only discovered by chance. Responsible handling of personal data? 


This faux pas raises an old question when it comes to monitoring road traffic, even in the case of the environmental zones. Opponents of the sticker requirement repeatedly emphasise that checks on stickers require too much staff, too much manpower, and that one should therefore rely on camera systems such as in Sheffield. However, the trust in this control system may have changed fundamentally after this scandal in England. 

Sit down, Sheffield, you failed.