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Pop-up cycle paths save billions

The current corona pandemic is forcing metropolitan areas to rethink their mobility systems. A new study now confirms the international trend towards the bicycle.

Maintaining pop-up cycle paths, which can currently be found on many main roads in European cities, would save the health systems internationally 3 billion US dollars per year, according to a new study by German climate researchers. This study is based on data sets from 106 European cities. Thanks to Corona, the willingness of the urban population to use the bicycle as a means of locomotion has increased by almost 10% compared to the car.

According to the Brussels-based European Cyclists' Federation (ECF), local and national governments across Europe have committed themselves to establishing 2,315 kilometres of pop-up cycle paths during the pandemic. More than 1,000 kilometres have already been successfully installed and are still in use, as can be read on the ECF website. The installation of these cycle paths was recommended by WHO. "Whenever possible, you should cycle or walk," said the health organisation at the end of April. The tendency to install more of these pop-up cycle paths is still unbroken. The ecological awareness of the population has improved considerably in the times of COVID 19. The chances are therefore good that even more cycle paths could complete the European road network and remain so in the long term - a message that should give cause for optimism.
This will relieve the volume of traffic and local public transport. The latter has come under particular criticism during Corona, as studies have shown that the risk of infection increases inflationarily due to the lack of physical distance among passengers.
A further positive effect of these cycle paths is also that the rate of fatal accidents involving cyclists is reduced, as the new cycle paths are usually much wider and better marked than older ones.  

Save money, reduce the risk of infection and still save lives?

Win-Win situation for all!