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Nuclear waste as fuel?

Radioactive material as "petrol 2.0"? Sounds absurd - and probably is.

With some reports, as an inclined reader, you have to look quickly at the publication date in order not to run the risk of sitting on an April Fool's joke.

Researchers at the University of Bristol have now discovered in recent studies that radioactive waste, such as end products from nuclear power stations, could serve as a virtually inexhaustible source of energy for electric cars. In this form of energy generation, an artificially produced diamond would serve as an energy storage device, which would then be used in propulsion in the form of emitted electricity.

However, whether this form of propulsion A is safe and B is the right signal in times of nuclear phase-out, remains questionable.

"We see these batteries in situations where it is not possible to exchange or recharge power sources. The most obvious applications would be in pacemakers, satellites, space probes and drones for continuous operation," explains research director Tom Scott as early as 2016.