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Noise Tests conquer Europe

Thanks to a new measuring method, law enforcement officers can now "flash" vehicles that are too noisy and their drivers - and cash in big time.

Bare moneymaking or the model of the future? Or maybe even both at the same time?

A technical innovation from France is currently conquering the European market. In Switzerland, the new system, which is already available on the open market, is currently undergoing thorough testing. 

Noise protection zones are currently springing up like mushrooms and are opening up completely new possibilities for local authorities to charge citizens. The discussion about noise protection zones has been gaining momentum internationally in recent months, but so far, the noisy slash and burn auto posers have never been identified beyond doubt and prosecuted legally: but that is now finally over. Making unnecessary noise is no longer a trivial offence, as the European Union has now agreed across borders, because noise causes stress, which in turn is a massive health hazard. This also emerges from the recently published report on environmental impacts by the European Environment Agency (EEA). 12,000 premature deaths are due to excessive road noise alone. 
A realistic uniform regulation of when, where and how loud one may be is still in the stars for the time being. 

But one thing is already quite clear: noise protection zones are on the advance; and in an unstoppable way.