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Motorcycle scoop: Greens plan Germany-wide noise protection zone!

The motion submitted to the Bundestag is intended to prevent driving bans, but the new regulations would mean the end for thousands of motorbikes.

With a motion in the German Bundestag, the Greens want to create a legal framework for banning noisy motorbikes. Although motorbikes registered in Germany may not exceed a noise limit of 77 decibels in the test cycle, this does not cover all operating conditions and is only measured up to a speed of 80 km/h. In reality this value is therefore usually exceeded. The Greens are also chanting about technology that increases emissions and detects test cycles, comparing the situation with the diesel exhaust scandal.  

In recent weeks and months the noise caused by two-wheelers has already come under increasing criticism: noise protection zones and Sunday driving bans have been called for. Another reason is that noise complaints from the population are on the increase. The Greens see a clear omission on the part of politicians and the motorbike industry, which has not developed any approaches for quieter machines for decades. They therefore call for the "useless back and forth" of so-called car posers to be extended from previously closed villages to areas close to towns. Driving bans, especially in recreational areas or on Sundays, are like a slap in the face for most motorcyclists, as the driving experience is part of the leisure activities and means pure joy of life. The engine noise of a powerful machine is part of this feeling.

The Greens say that by calling for tighter test criteria and stricter controls on the roads, a compromise has been reached for motorcyclists and citizens affected by noise: "We want to avoid traffic bans wherever possible. If this is to succeed, legal conditions must be put in place as soon as possible to effectively reduce and control noise emissions".  

Another problem, according to the Greens, is that new decisions on type-approval rules only apply to newly registered vehicles. A real noise reduction through new decisions is therefore realistically far in the future. In order to remedy the noise pollution as quickly as possible, the so-called Tyrolean model should therefore first be introduced in this country. This bans particularly loud machines with a noise level of up to 95 decibels on certain stretches of road in Außerfern, Tyrol.

Motorbike associations can understand some of the required regulations, especially the stricter control of partly illegal sound amplifiers, but see a big problem with the general limit of 80 decibels. Some electric motorbikes promoted by the Greens would also exceed this limit. Other road users would also be significantly louder than the required limit value.  

It remains to be seen whether and to what extent the Greens' proposal will be accepted in the Bundestag. What is certain, however, is that motorcyclists are facing increasingly difficult times.  

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