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Motorcycle bans - its getting serious

The pace is getting harder. More and more often the discussion about driving bans for too loud motorcycles gets out of control - demonstrations, threats, riots. What comes next?

There has been much discussion, but now an interim solution seems to be emerging. Several municipalities, including Stuttgart, want to declare war on too loud motorcycles. The bikers oppose this and demand solutions other than blind sanctions. Almost two weeks ago, several thousand motorcyclists demonstrated in southwestern Germany against weekend driving bans in connection with noise protection zones. But this is exactly where it shows how counterproductive demonstrations can sometimes be. Due to the large accumulation of motorcycles, many a resident and observer of the scene only really became aware how noisy motorcycles can be. For this reason, further rallies rather than acceptance of the matter could cause a lack of understanding and provide a breeding ground for the establishment of noise protection zones. 

German motorcyclists still have the backing of Transport Minister Scheuer - but for how much longer?

However, the situation seems to be getting more and more out of hand, the culture of discussion is becoming harder and more aggressive at the same time. More and more often there are demonstrations by bikers, but the opposite side is also beginning to organize. Most recently, a local resident near Leverkusen, who had been campaigning for a noise protection zone in her village, received a threatening letter advising her not to campaign for the establishment of such driving bans, saying her commitment would "not necessarily serve her own well-being. Such threatening letters show impressively how unobjective and sharp the discussion becomes in many places. For many people it is now incomprehensible at what slow pace noise protection zones are being introduced.

It is now up to politicians to find solutions and at the same time