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Major inspection at Hamburg Jungfernstieg

Since not everyone has yet accepted the traffic-calmed Jungerfernstieg, the police have considerably extended their controls.

Although passage has been forbidden for days now (we reported), some Hamburg residents seem to be reluctant to understand that the boulevard in Hamburg's old town is now car-free. The passage is reserved exclusively for bicycles, taxis, public buses and also for delivery traffic, which is allowed a time window from 9 pm to 11 am. Where otherwise 15,000 vehicles drove daily, a lot of work is being done to redesign the world-famous boulevard. In order to ensure that the last motorist understands the situation and the associated ban, the argumentation of the law enforcement officers now goes one step further from warnings without legal consequences: namely into the port maize of those who still think they have to drive their cars up the Jungfernstieg. 
Yesterday, Wednesday, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., the third major inspection of the car-free Jungfernstieg took place. A total of 13 Hamburg police officers checked everything and this time they made the payment. The signal is clear: zero tolerance on the Binnenalster. Failure to comply with the driving ban will be punished with an administrative fine of 20 euros for the time being. Yesterday, the police issued 272 verbal warnings to 272 drivers and in addition, almost 150 administrative offence proceedings were initiated. According to the police, the focus of the action was not on helpless drivers who had simply lost their way, but on those who had deliberately ignored the ban. 
Traffic Senator Anjes Tjarks (39, Greens) sees the past days, including the reconstruction plus controls, as a success: "This number has been significantly reduced, very many have accepted the new regulation. We are satisfied".

However, it is not objectively possible to understand how the police managed the clairvoyant selection to only prosecute those road users with cars who had intentionally driven on Jungerfernstieg.