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London city centre without cars

The British capital is blocking individual passages of its inner city for trucks and cars.

Vienna, Paris, Bogota, Brussels and now London. The list of cities reads exclusively because they all have something in common.
In order to ensure that a minimum distance can be maintained during the slow relaxation of the Corona regulations, attempts are now being made to make cycling more attractive to the citizens of these cities, among other things to prevent overcrowded local traffic.
Having already reported last week on the situation in the Brussels inner ring road, London is now also preparing to follow this fine example. Important traffic routes along the Thames, such as the world-famous London Bridge, for example, will only be accessible to buses, cyclists and, of course, pedestrians - cars or even trucks must stay outside. The city has already started the preparations (road markings for so-called "pop-up cycle paths" and minor alterations) and expects to have taken all the necessary steps in a maximum of six weeks to effectively implement this important project.
London is thus following the example of other metropolises mentioned at the beginning. However, whether these environmental and cyclist-friendly measures will be adhered to in a possible post-pandemic period is up in the stars and rather unlikely.
What a pity, it would be nice!