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Lockdown II

Unfortunately it is time again. Anyone who still thought in March that everything would quickly disappear into thin air again and that Covid-19 (or Corona, as we say in Germany) would only be a marginal note in world history is subject to a tragic error.

For since a few weeks at the latest, it should be clear to everyone: The virus that has already cost hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide and is bringing our global economy to its knees on an unprecedented scale has come to stay. We will all have to learn to come to terms with the disease, to get along with it as best we can, to live with it. We at Green-Zones have often referred in our daily blog to studies and research that outline the deadly interaction between Covid-19 infections and particulate matter. Wherever people are exposed to increased doses of the tiny particles in their daily lives, the numbers of severe courses of the disease and especially the death rates are rising rapidly and with alarming severity. Meanwhile, researchers and physicians are almost unanimously of the opinion that every seventh patient worldwide who has died from or with the virus could be responsible for particulate matter. Thus, every seventh corona death is directly related to the tiny particles in the air we breathe. The increasing spread of environmental zones and driving bans is also foreseeable. 
Especially extreme situations such as a lockdown show that, apart from industry, road traffic is mainly to blame for poor air quality. After easing the initial shutdown, many communities had to report a deterioration in values again after initially better measurements of air quality. 
Our team is at your disposal with our service as usual. 

Stay healthy and many greetings from Berlin.