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Let‘s go, Dortmund

In Düsseldorf, she has been arousing the minds of residents and commuters for months: the eco lane. Now Dortmund is moving, since yesterday's Sunday it has also been activated here.

In addition, there are still several measures already implemented, such as pace 30 zones and a new cycle for some traffic lights in the city area.
Alternatively to this package of measures, a diesel driving ban would have been. However, whether the Ruhr area metropolis has done itself a favor with the eco lane remains controversial and to be seen.
Traffic in Düsseldorf has been sinking in proverbial chaos at the latest since the launch of the third eco lane after the autumn school holidays 2019 at the main peak times of traffic. The impact of the measure in Dortmund remains to be seen.
Experts, on the other hand, assume that the principle of eco lane could prevail alternatively to driving prohibitions.