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Great Britain leaves - CO2 standards remain!

Although the brexite has been signed and sealed, Great Britain will continue to implement the current EU CO2 regulations.

Good news for the whole of Europe as well, because for a long time it was not clear whether other areas of public life would suffer and change as a result of the agonizing brexite. But now there is clarity at least for the environmental sector: the UK will comply with and implement all European Union CO2 regulations from January 1, 2021. A corresponding announcement had previously been published by the British government on the Internet with the extensive declaration of intent. The non-EU country had recently already made binding commitments not to register any more combustion engines as new cars from 2035, whereby the so-called plug-in hybrid drives will also be affected by the ban that will then apply. 

However, the decision to comply with the EU's emissions standards is not entirely altruistic, as Professor David Bailey of Birmingham Business School explains: "Britain did not really have a choice in this decision. Manufacturers don't want to have different targets and if the targets are the same it will be much easier to sell electrified cars in Britain".

In view of the ambitious plans for 2035, the UK must already now develop the infrastructure for electric mobility and massively boost the sale of such vehicles. The country north of the Channel needs more positive headlines than necessary.