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Gelsenkirchen with pioneering role

Gelsenkirchen in the heart of the Ruhr area is the scene of a revolution in digital traffic technology. Gelsenkirchen has only recently managed to avoid the threat of driving bans.

The city implemented appropriate measures that could avert a diesel driving ban.

But Gelsenkirchen does not seem to want to rest on its laurels, as two new (pilot) projects are about to be implemented.

As part of Gelsenkirchen's Green City Plan, which aims to reduce particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide pollution in the city, there will be an environmentally sensitive traffic control system. Among other things, this method relies on large LED information boards that show possible alternative routes in real time, for example to avoid traffic jams.

Secondly, a so-called parking guidance system will be introduced. In this way, the motor vehicle guide can find out which parking spaces are available and to what extent it would make sense on a daily basis to choose the principle of Park and Ride in order to reach the destination.