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Geisel to counterattack

In Düsseldorf, the re-commissioning of the environmental tracks is fixed. Lord Mayor Geisel has been subject to repeated media criticism, not least because of the months of chaos since autumn 2019 around the environmental tracks in his city.

But since it is well known that attack is the best defence, Geisel is now turning energetically to the Rheinbahn transport company. They should immediately, and not only from the deadline (in NRW 27.04.2020) for compulsory masks, ensure infection protection in their trains, buses and on platforms. Since Düsseldorf will now reverse the suspension of the unwanted environmental lanes from 4 May and put the three lanes back into operation in their original function, Rheinbahn must now implement a concept to safely transport the increasing commuter masses in the state capital resulting from the activation.
However, ensuring this in general is tantamount to a mammoth task and represents a problem that will occupy and challenge not only Düsseldorf in the coming weeks.