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Free passage for electric delivery van

In Wuppertal, the use of low-emission vans is being promoted.

For this purpose, the Fraunhofer Institute has developed a concept together with several package services. In plain language, this means, among other things, that electric cars and load bicycles in the inner city area will have longer delivery times. These special rights also serve the purpose of motivating parcel services in advance to make greater use of appropriate vehicles.  Parcels are first delivered to small mini depots in the conventional way. After that, the actual delivery will then take place on the so-called "last mile" with the electronically operated vehicles. The city has already made the funds available, and the test phase is to start soon.  Frank Meyer, head of the transport and environment department, is relaxed about the time: "If we notice that it doesn't work, we can always adjust our course. Several cities want to follow this example, so people will soon get used to the sight of such delivery vehicles.