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France - Heat causes imminent driving bans

Due to high ozone levels, France issued advance warnings in several areas of the country yesterday.

Such warnings are not unusual for our neighbours at this time of year and can quickly lead to driving bans. The cities affected are Lyon, Pairs, Grenoble and parts of the Loire region. It was not until 2019 that Paris had banned almost 60 percent of its cars from city traffic due to the heatwave at the time. A year ago, the fines amounted to 135 euros per violation. But even in Lyon, cars were only allowed to drive in the summer of 2019 with restrictions.  During this time, bed operators of public transport had offered their tickets at lower prices.

Such driving bans due to too high ozone levels as in France are not to be feared in Germany, however. Only once, in 1998, was there such a "driving ban"; at that time all vehicles without catalytic converters were excluded from traffic.

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