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France commits to environmentally friendly mobility and stricter environmental zones

The French state and the city of Paris have signed an agreement on the ecological development of cities. In it, they commit to expanding the infrastructure towards more clean mobility in the cities. The focus is on cycle paths and electric cars, but also on tightening the environmental zones.

The "Contrat de relance et de transition écologique" (CRTE), Contract for the Environmentally Friendly Restart and Transition, signed last week in Paris, paves the way for a new beginning in terms of France's economic and social development. The treaty focuses on ecological urban planning and the development of inner cities, as well as on supporting companies with regard to their activities and technologies from an ecological point of view.
The focus of the CRTE is on urban mobility. The city of Paris has therefore developed a cycling plan for which 10 million euros are available. The aim is to promote cycling infrastructure in Parisian municipalities. In addition, the state has already approved 38 projects through a call for projects, which are to further advance the infrastructure and make it more sustainable. A further 28.5 million euros are available for this.
Electromobility is also to be promoted more intensively. By 2022, 5,000 new charging stations are to be built in Paris. 372 of these stations have already been installed, and 100 of them are already in use.
The CRTE is also promoting the conversion of the vehicle fleet to clean vehicles in the metropolis. Both financially and technically, the state wants to support Paris before the tightening of the low emission zone in the middle of this year. From 1 June 2021, vehicles with a category 4 sticker will be banned in Paris in the entire city area within the A86. This affects, for example, diesel trucks with Euro standard 4, but also diesel cars with Euro standard 3.
At the beginning of this year, France had already adopted a new climate package, which decided to introduce various environmental zones in conurbations. The package also provides for a ban on sticker 3 in all low emission zones in France from 2024. The CRTE has once again confirmed the determined continuation of the tightening of the environmental zones.
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