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First Resistance in Wiesbaden?

Wiesbaden has an eco lane. But the first critical voices since its introduction are not long in coming.

Eco lane are unpopular. In Dusseldorf, where there were three lanes before Corona, a petition was even started against one of these lanes; about 11,000 citizens of the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia signed. Is something similar now following in Wiesbaden?  
The first resistance is stirring there. But the Hessian city is sticking to its measures - for the time being.  
Available expert reports, which conclude that nitrogen oxide pollution has been reduced by 10 percent due to other eco lane in comparable cases, hold against the emerging criticism from the population. A pilot project is also being launched in Wiesbaden, which involves networking traffic light systems and sensors in the city area. In the ideal case, this special traffic light system would adapt to the traffic volume in real time, which would enable traffic emissions to be reduced if the traffic light phases were timed accordingly. 
However, it is unclear at present how things will continue after Corona in Wiesbaden. Further environmental lanes may follow. With a look at the aforementioned Düsseldorf, some people already fear this.