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Fines: Small mistakes can be expensive

Europe's roads are veritable money printing machines - much to the chagrin of travellers. Where it gets really expensive: a brief overview.

Anyone who doesn't want to bring home parking tickets as a present from a holiday or business trip must be attentive and well prepared. 

For example, the mood on the long-awaited Italy trip after the lockdown is quickly spoiled if you enter a traffic-restricted zone without permission, as is often the case in Italian communities. These zones are usually monitored by camera systems; the chance of getting away scot-free is zero. But the fines that can be levied for violations are anything but "zero", as the Italian state charges a fine of 84 euros: Ciao, good mood! With procedural fees, this can quickly add up to 120 euros. Those who do not pay within the next 60 days after receipt of the letter or the issued ticket, have to pay double the amount. 

It can also be expensive in the Balkans. For example, parking offenders in Croatia have to pay between 10 and 40 (!!!) Euros. Consumer protection strongly advises to have a receipt with the place, amount, reason and date of the offence issued directly on the spot if possible. 

In Austria, the annoyance is particularly great if you have a sticker, as required by law, but have not correctly affixed it to the windscreen, which is the same as not having bought a vignette. The so-called "first toll" due as a result costs 120 euros. Anyone who wants to save money and illegally removes a sticker previously attached to another vehicle and attaches it to another vehicle will pay as much as 240 euros for this attempted fraud - a hefty sum! 

But you can avoid all this trouble easily and above all reliably! 

Download our Green-Zones App for free and save time, nerves and a lot of money, which you would rather spend on nicer things than on expensive and unnecessary fines.