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Exhaust emissions scandal: driving bans for motorhomes

In the scandal surrounding the Euro 5 and 6 Fiat Ducato models, the German Environmental Aid demands the recall of the affected vehicles. Politicians must finally take action. Some of the vehicles exceed the limit values by a factor of 10 and harm people and the environment.

The German Environmental Aid (DUH) is finally calling for energetic political action in the emissions scandal involving manipulated Fiat Chrysler Automobiles vehicles. Motorhomes with Euro standards 5 to 6c exceed the limit values, in some cases significantly, and thus most likely violate EU law. A motorhome from Dethleffs with Euro standard 5, for example, showed nitrogen oxide values of up to 2,779 mg/km in measurements by the Emissions Control Institute (EKI) and exceeded the legal limits for this exhaust standard almost 10 times over. 

The Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) also carried out investigations and confirmed that the emissions were in some cases greatly exceeded. They are already examining how the emissions of the manipulated vehicles can be reduced. It is very likely that the KBA will soon proceed with driving bans and decommissioning of the vehicles. The owners of the affected vehicles will then have to reckon with a high loss of value. 

One ray of hope: Fiat's Euro-6d Temp vehicles meet the legal requirements. According to the EKI, tests of a Fiat Ducato 140 Multijet have shown that the vehicle complies with the specifications with 80 mg NOx/km. Owners of these vehicles therefore do not have to worry about a possible driving ban. DUH demands that the other models be recalled and that an SCR catalytic converter with urea injection be installed, similar to the one fitted in the 6d Temp models. In this way, the predecessors could also be on the road cleanly and in accordance with the emission standards. 

In any case, it is high time that Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) does something and recalls the vehicles to protect consumers. So far, he has stood idly by in this case. But Scheuer has a duty not only to the owners themselves, but to the entire population. Since the vehicles are allowed to enter many low emission zones in Europe and Germany, but exceed the applicable exhaust emission regulations, the health of the citizens is at risk as long as Scheuer does nothing. 

Furthermore, the emissions scandals are repeated again and again, apparently without the carmakers learning from the consequences or really suffering any damage. Since politicians do not act decisively enough, buyers and residents have to bear the disadvantages again and again.