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Eco lanes until at least autumn

The test phase for the eco lanes in Düsseldorf will be extended by several months due to Corona.

Düsseldorf and its environmental footprints; for the attentive observer a tragedy of months including the chaos that goes with it. Dissatisfied residents, then one of the three lanes is abandoned, then again not - professional traffic policy looks different.  Originally, the test phase of the first two lanes was supposed to be completed around Easter. But now the city hall in Düsseldorf's old town announced that the test would not be completed until 16.09.2020. Only then will it be possible to derive representative figures, as the pandemic or lockdown has reduced the volume of traffic.  For the third eco lane, active since the school holidays last autumn, the test period will even extend beyond September.  The city once again emphasized that, despite all the minor scandals, the eco lanes have so far been a successful model which could even be extended after successful testing.   Well, then, cheers meal, Düsseldorf.