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Eco lanes in France?

Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Essen - they all have already set up the so-called eco lanes or at least are firmly in planning. Now the metropolis of Lyon in France is venturing to follow the German "light" diesel driving bans.

On the A6-A7 motorway, which runs through the entire city, eco lanes are to be created in one or more lanes. At certain times of the day, only electric vehicles will be allowed to drive in these lanes. Proof of the electric drive is provided by the green French environmental badge (Certificat qualité de l'air) with the category "0". Checks are to be carried out mainly by intelligent cameras. Nothing is yet known about the amount of the penalties.

This example shows that eco lanes can be perceived not only as a substitute for driving bans, but also as an addition. So perhaps Germany will soon follow France's example...