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Eco lane in Wiesbaden to be significantly expanded

An eco lane is currently being built in the city centre of Hesse.

It will run continuously on the so-called 1st ring in the direction of the main railway station, where old bicycle lanes are currently being removed and extended to form eco lanes in both directions. The city is therefore wisely advising in advance to switch to the second ring road during these conversion measures, if possible, as there may be considerable traffic disruption. Strictly speaking, this is already the second eco lane. The first one was created because in the twin city of Mainz, which is separated by the Rhine, an ecol lane was installed on a road along the river bank, which meant that one of these lanes had to be opened on the bridge towards Wiesbaden. These installations are part of the Clean Air Plan, which was used to avert a ban on diesel driving in Wiesbaden and Mainz.

In addition, the city administration hopes to be able to distribute traffic better in the long term and to shift it to the 2nd ring road, in order to relieve the load on the 1st ring road.