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E-truck from Mercedes goes into series production

The transport industry has realised: With its heavy freighters, it is part of the problem of air pollution both in cities and on the busy routes between cities and distribution centres. Mercedes-Benz has now started to produce its first e-truck in series. And thus has a decisive advantage in Europe's low-emission zones.

The idea is not entirely new; a new electric freight vehicle was already presented to the public at the commercial vehicle trade fair in Hanover in 2016. Two years later, ten prototypes were already being test-driven on the roads of Germany and Europe by important customers. The experience gained by the customers over the last three years all flowed into the further development of the vehicle. This enabled the prototype to be significantly improved once again in the areas of drive and safety. The further development of the safety aspects is emphasised. For example, the eActros is equipped as standard with a cornering assistant, an emergency braking assistant with pedestrian detection and a MirrorCam.

Mercedes-Benz is particularly proud of the increase in range to 420 km. Charging is done at a 400 amp rapid charging station and takes just over an hour. From Bremen to Munich or Stuttgart, for example, the truck would have to recharge once. That is certainly not yet very attractive, but other distances can already be covered in one go, such as from Bremen to Amsterdam, Berlin or Cologne.

The drive is ensured by two built-in electric motors. The advantage: they are so quiet that even deliveries at night do not cause noise pollution. And: They can drive into all environmental zones, even those where diesel driving bans apply. Even in temporarily activated environmental zones, as they exist in many places in France, the driver does not have to worry, but can bring his delivery to the distribution centres and consumers completely free of exhaust fumes in the sense of modern environmental protection. The prerequisite for this is, of course, the appropriate environmental badge. It is striking that the series model, which will be produced from autumn 2021, will initially only be available in countries that actually have environmental zones. These are mainly the countries of Western Europe, both in the south and in the north. Drivers and truck companies therefore have a noticeable advantage, as they can once again deliver without problems in places where they were last denied entry due to strict environmental regulations. However, it was also announced that other markets will soon follow.

The Green Zones app tells you which countries and environmental zones the new eActros is allowed to enter.