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Dieselgate 2.0

It hit the car industry like a clap of thunder in autumn 2015: the Diesel scandal, also mockingly called Diesel-Gate.

When it came to light years ago that leading car manufacturers could deliberately manipulate exhaust emission tests using digital technology, the confidence of end consumers was severely damaged - the consequences are still echoing today.

Now a further development could reawaken the evil spirits of the past, as several media houses have reported in recent weeks.

For example, it is reported that the VW group not only installs the mentioned illegal shut-off devices, which "improve" the measured values in favour of the vehicle, in their EA 189 class engines, but also in the successor engine of the EA 288 class. As a direct consequence, this clearly means that the supposedly clean Euro 6 diesels are also affected by the historical fraud scandal. The EA 288 engine has been installed for eight years (2012) in various vehicle types of the automobile manufacturer.

Whether the world-famous VW group in particular will be able to recover from this renewed catastrophic blow cannot be predicted at all at this stage.

In the long term, however, customer confidence has been fundamentally destroyed.

Which diesels comply with the statutory pollutant values and are there any clean diesels without manipulation?