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Diesel - The false scapegoat

The corona crisis still has a firm grip on us. Many shops are closed, a large number of employees are in the home office. What that means for traffic is clear. Yawning emptiness in the streets.

Actually, we are now expecting a significant improvement in air quality in the cities, because according to the Landesanstalt für Umwelt-Baden-Württemberg (LUBW), diesel vehicles cause 80 percent of air pollution. If that were correct, the "shutdown" should have a massive impact. But it does not.

In the first quarter of 2020, NO2 values were 36 µg/m3, although corona has hardly had any effect yet. The reason for the good values are increased winds this year. For the city of Stuttgart, located in the valley basin, more wind means better air values.
Surprisingly, since the shutdown, the values have not fallen any further, but remained almost the same. How can that be? How can the air values not fall to bottomless levels with massively restricted traffic?
Corona shows that at least the 80 percent assumed by the LUBW cannot be correct.

Why then do driving bans exist at all for this apparently not responsible group? Why is every diesel driver unnecessarily punished with NOx zones and driving bans?
We will stay on it...