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Czech Low Emission Zone explained

The only low emission zone in the Czech Republic is in Prague. More precisely, there are two zones in the city.

The first is in Prague's District 1, where trucks and coaches over 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight are only allowed to enter if they have at least Euronorm 4. But watch out: Even vehicles that comply with the exhaust regulations must register in writing directly with the City of Prague beforehand, otherwise they face fines of up to 100 euros. As the city centre of Prague is frequented by many coaches, the regulation applies around the clock, but for trucks only between 8 am and 6 pm.

The second environmental zone covers the districts of Prague 1 and 2, where all trucks heavier than 6 tonnes must comply with at least Euronorm 4. Here, too, there are penalties if you have not registered your vehicle with the City of Prague in time. The second environmental zone is active for 24 hours.

When registering vehicles with the city, in addition to the usual information such as vehicle registration certificate, number plate and vehicle type, the reason for entry must also be stated. In the case of buses, the entire route must also be given in advance.

There are plans to introduce stickers based on the German system. Both governments will then probably recognise each other's stickers. No one knows exactly when this will happen. After all, the Prague 1 zone was introduced as early as 1999 and there are still no environmental badges.