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Crisis summit postponed

Corona has just mastered the entire range of our everyday life. So now a planned meeting between several German cities has been postponed indefinitely.

Everything that occupied the media before Corona has apparently disappeared from media perception. The suffering of refugees, trumps escapades, sports and, among other things, one issue that has been the subject of epic and heated debate in recent months: the so-called diesel scandal.

A city-wide crisis summit was planned for April 1 in the small town of Wörth am Rhein to discuss the immense losses of municipal trade tax revenues. The municipalities complain that due to the diesel scandal and the associated fines, there is now a lack of revenue in the millions.

But Corona is now also putting an end to the set goals. We will use the time to hold preliminary talks with the Federal Ministry of Finance," Mayor Wörths, Dennis Nitsche, confirmed to dpa.