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Corona virus detected in dust particles

In the Netherlands, researchers have detected cornaviruses in dust particles.

Several marten rearing farms in the Netherlands are contaminated with the virus. After dozens of workers have tested positive for the virus, which has kept the entire world in suspense and changed for months, the breeding animals and their fur products have now also tested positive. The surroundings of the farms are also completely contaminated - with fine dust, which carries the dangerous pathogen.

But for researchers no reason to panic prematurely. Scientists have been warning since the beginning of the crisis that corona could possibly spread in other ways than by droplet infection, such as in fine dust, breathing clouds that can remain in the air longer like curtains, or even in "normal" dust, as is now the case in the Netherlands.  Last month, another study confirmed that the shutdown saved several thousand lives on the European continent alone. Is the widely feared setback now coming, due to the findings from the Netherlands? Authorities urge caution and recommend a minimum distance of 400 metres to affected areas. Are we threatened with a new dimension in the fight against Covid 19?