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CO2 tax in France: vehicles massively affected!

The French government is planning a massive increase in the CO2 tax for its car owners - but not everyone is affected!

France's government wants to increase the CO2 tax for sports cars and powerful four-wheelers. If this reform of the motor vehicle tax is implemented, there is a threat of doubling the current rate. Affected French consumers are already taking to the barricades and feel helplessly exposed to the arbitrariness of their government. 
According to the draft law, the levy per calendar year would thus increase in proportion to the CO2 emissions of the respective car: measured in grams per kilometre travelled. Vehicles with a calculated CO2 emission of 123 grams per kilometre driven would be tax-free; for all others, however, it would be really expensive. The highest tax category would then be at least 225 grams. In 2021, an annual tax of just under 40,000 euros would then have to be paid, and in 2022 this would rise to a proud 50,000 euros. With this reform France would only increase its already high tax rates even further. Our neighbours are already paying ten times as much as car owners from Italy or Belgium. No wonder, then, that the displeasure among French people with the types of vehicle described is currently growing at an inflationary rate in relation to the planned tax increase. These plans from Paris underline the course already set, to ban combustion engines completely from the roads. Our neighbours in the west have the clear objective of completely banning diesel and petrol engines from 2040. 

A comparable deadline has not yet been set in Germany, but given current developments this seems only a matter of time.