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Brussels - The low emission zone of the future?

The city centre of the Belgian capital Brussels will become a pedestrian and cyclist zone for at least three months.

You can like low emission zones or not.

The fact is that we must and will live with them, because there is simply no alternative to the model.

New times are dawning in the centre of Brussels, even if only for a quarter of a year. The so-called Pentagone, as the inner city ring is called, is thus firmly in the hands of cyclists and pedestrians, traffic lights are switched off. Cars, trams and buses may only travel at a maximum speed of 20 km/h - and are also obliged to give way to non-motorised road users.

The Corona restrictions were already relaxed in Belgium on 4 May, and the city fathers reacted promptly. "We decided to seize the opportunity," Wafaa Hammich, spokeswoman for the Mayor of Brussels, Philippe Close, told the German Press Agency. 

We will hopefully see more of such city centres in the future. With all the damage caused by the Corona Pandemic, reports of such revolutionary advances as those now taking place in Brussels, which are the direct result of a new perception of traffic caused by lockdown, are a light at the end of the tunnel.

Environmentally friendly transport policy is the future!