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Berlin: Diesel driving bans

Diesel driving bans have affected Berlin too! Since last Friday, 22.11.2019, the bans have been introduced and fines are imminent.

The government and district offices have taken a long time, as there were problems with the planning, the foundations and the road signs. Berlin seems to be facing a huge traffic problem. Diesel driving bans now affect a total of 8 streets: Leipziger Straße, Brückenstraße, Reinhardtstraße, Alt-Moabit, Friedrichstraße, Stromstraße, Hermannstraße and Silbersteinstraße. Contrary to what one would logically think, the driving bans on the respective roads are being introduced on vehicles with Euro 5 and less at different times. The government has no harmonising concept and makes things easier for itself: the bans apply from the moment the road signs are placed. The madness has begun in the Silbersteinstraße, but first only in one direction. The other roads probably will follow this or next week. Car, motor home and truck drivers not only have to concentrate on the horrendous traffic in Berlin but should also pay attention to the signs banning diesel vehicles. What madness! 

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