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Since 2018 - Registrations in Great Britain

There are currently 8 environmental zones in Great Britain in the country's major cities. It should be noted that in Greater London, 3 different areas all require a registration before entering a zone.

Since August 2019, traffic restrictions in zones outside London have mainly concerned buses. Cars and trucks are generally not affected. However, in Greater London, depending on the zone (LEZ, ZEZ, ULEZ), all types of vehicles, including light vehicles (London ZEZ) and camping vehicles, are prohibited or, in exceptional cases, must be registered before entering.
The different types of registration are in principle possible on the internet, but they are extremely long and complex. From autumn 2019, registration will be offered as a service by Green-Zones. The registration confirmation and the resulting authorisation for the vehicle will be sent to the customer by Green-Zones in the form of a REG-Certificate before entering the zone.

The environmental zones in Great Britain and in particular those in London are controlled by police and cameras. In case of an infringement, a fine between 150 euros and over 1,000 euros is imposed. Registration fees should not be confused with parking fees or tolls, which also apply in Greater London.

Zoomable maps of all environmental zones with their boundaries as well as detailed information on the different vehicle types, EURO classes, weekdays, times, special rules and exceptions are available on www.LEZ-London.uk or or www.Green-Zones-App.eu