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Since 2019 Registration in Czechia

There are currently 2 environmental zones in the capital of Czechia, Prague. A traffic ban applies to buses and trucks with EURO 0-3 standards from >3.5 tonnes, or 6 tonnes, depending on the zone. This also applies to camping vehicles registered as trucks.
Traffic restrictions also apply to all higher EURO standards, but drivers may apply for exemption in the form of a registration. It must be submitted to the Czech authorities in the Czech language at least one month before entering the zone.

Since registration must be done long before driving into Prague and only in Czechia, the Green-Zones registration service is very useful, as the necessary authorisation is provided to the vehicle before entering the zone by Green-Zones in the form of a permit card from the local authorities and the REG-Certificate.

The environmental zones in Czechia are controlled by the police and traffic wardens. A fine between 60 and 100 euros is imposed in case of an infringement and more in case of a repeat offence.

Zoomable maps of all environmental zones with their boundaries as well as detailed information on the different vehicle types, EURO classes, weekdays, times, special rules and exceptions are available on www.LEZ-Czechia.cz or www.Green-Zones-App.eu