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Since 2008 – The German Environmental Badge / Fine Particulates Badge

On 01/01/2008 the first environmental zones where started in Germany which should limit the emissions of fine particulates. Gradually, in more than 50 other cities and local districts zones were created in which access is only permitted with a green Environmental Badge. The German environmental badge, which is also called fine particulates badge, is mandatory for all 2-axle and multi-axle vehicles, if you want to drive into a German environmental zone.

A vehicle receives a German Environmental Badge if it can be classified to the EURO 4 class or to the EURO 3 class when the vehicle has a particle filter, which must be listed in the registration papers of the vehicle.

Originally the Environmental Badge was also given in red / EURO class 2 and yellow / EURO class 3. However, vehicles equipped with a yellow or red Environmental Badge (mostly diesel fuelled vehicles) may no longer enter the environmental zones.
For this reason, the environmental zones in Germany will soon also be called "Green environmental zones". But also because the introduction of a Blue NOx Badge is planned in the next few years, which then only grants entry into "Blue environmental zones". Blue environmental zones are expected to be established as smaller zones within the green environmental zones.

In Germany from 01/02/2009 the stationary traffic is also controlled in the environmental zones. A fine of 80 Euros is not only charged when driving through the environmental zone without a valid badge, this fine is also charged for parked cars without a valid badge.

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