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Since 2008 – The German Environmental Badge / Fine Particulates Badge

In Germany, there are currently 61 environmental zones in cities or regions. This comprises the Ruhr region, which alone includes 10 large cities and municipalities. To enter these zones, a green environmental badge is required for vehicles with EURO 4 standard or higher. The environmental badge is mandatory for all types of vehicles, except light vehicles (mopeds, motorcycles, quads, etc.).

Apart from the levels of particulate matter, the NOx values in 37 German cities are also too high. For this reason, diesel traffic restriction zones have already been established in many German cities, each with different regulations.
Diesel traffic restrictions generally affect all diesel vehicles of any category if they do not meet the required EURO standard. In some diesel traffic restriction zones, petrol vehicles may also be affected.

Unlike a road toll vignette, the German green badge only needs to be purchased once. It is valid as long as the vehicle's license plate does not change.
The environmental zones in Germany are controlled by the police and traffic wardens. A fine of 80 euros plus processing fees is imposed in case of an infringement.
The blue badge, which is intended to identify vehicles emitting low NOx levels in traffic restriction zones that have not yet been politically implemented, controls on diesel vehicles with EURO 6 standard and lower that are not authorised to drive are carried out by the police in the form of special and ordinary traffic controls.

Zoomable maps of all environmental zones with their boundaries as well as detailed information on the different vehicle types, EURO classes, weekdays, times, special rules and exceptions are available on www.umwelt-plakette.de or www.Green-Zones-App.eu

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