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From 2015 – The German E-Badge

On 25/09/2015 the 50th Regulation for amending road traffic regulations came into effect in Germany.
The goal is to give electric vehicles additional benefits so that there will be a rapid increase in the number of registrations for electric vehicles.
Domestic electric vehicles (i.e. vehicles registered in Germany) receive their own special E-Plate, so that these vehicles can be identified as such.
Foreign vehicles – vehicles not registered in Germany - however, can receive an E-badge, so that these electric vehicles can also benefit form the benefits and preferential treatment in Germany. This is based on the EU Directive 2007/46/EG.

In order for vehicles registered outside of Germany to receive a E-Badge, they must meet the basic requirements that they are a pure electric vehicle with no engine and that the vehicle must be electrically charged from the outside.
With hybrid vehicles it must be noted that they can have a maximum of 50g or less CO2/km and when driving in electronic mode they must have a range of at least 30 km (from 1/1/2018 at least 40km).

Electronic vehicles registered in Germany have essentially the advantage of tax savings. Electronic vehicles both domestically registered and abroad registered all have the advantage of using bus lanes, free parking on electricity charging stations and on the road as well as the possibility of driving through otherwise blocked streets. However, these benefits and preferential treatment vary from city to city and must not be taken for granted.

Order here a German E-Badge only for cars registered outside of Germany