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From 2017/2018? - German Blue NOx Badge

On the 7th October 2016, the introduction of the German Blue NOx Badge has been suspended by the majority of the 16 transport ministers of the German Bundesländer.
The German Blue NOx Badge is, according to their opinion, not mature enough yet for a decision. Nonetheless, the Blue NOx Badge remains on the political agenda.

Always against these plans (to introduce a blue badge) was the Federal Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt, who argued that it was more effective to firstly tackle the vehicles permanently located in city traffic, such as buses, taxis and government vehicles.

State Secretary Flasbarth reiterates his opinion that nitrogen oxides in inner cities endanger the health of people and therefore still a strong call for action exists. According to his testimony in Germany at least 400,000 people are directly affected from the nitrogen oxide emissions because they live on streets that are heavily travelled. Up until today, the limit values for nitrogen oxide are exceeded in around 80 German cities.