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Since 2016 - French anti-pollution sticker

In France, there are currently 32 environmental zones in cities, regions and departments, some of which cover large areas and where permanent and temporary traffic restrictions apply.
The french anti-pollution sticker (Crit'Air) is available in 6 categories: Eco, 1, 2, 2, 3, 4 and 5. The Eco-Vignette is assigned to the cleanest vehicles, while the sticker 5 vignette is for older diesel engines. Each city, municipality and department in France can set different traffic restriction rules by applying the french anti-pollution sticker system in 6 categories on its territory. This means that in some zones the french anti-pollution sticker is not required, while in other zones, the sticker 5 or even the sticker 4 are prohibited. In large cities, such as Paris, every 12 or 24 months, additional sticker classes are planned to be banned from traffic. In the Greater Paris metropolitan area, only french anti-pollution stickers up to the sticker 4 are currently authorised and from 2024 onwards, only the sticker 1 and stickers for electric vehicles (E-Vignette) will be authorised. The rules, restrictions and exceptions in France apply to all types of vehicles, including light vehicles, such as mopeds, motorcycles, tricycles, quads, etc. In addition, cities and municipalities have very different regulations in terms of traffic restrictions regarding days and times, as well as exceptions. There are also exceptions in some areas for vintage cars and campers. Environmental zones in France are controlled by the police and traffic wardens. They scan the QR code of the sticker affixed and can thus determine a possible infringement and impose a fine of 68-375 euros if the french anti-pollution sticker is missing. From 2021, an additional video surveillance system will be installed in France, starting with Paris (Grand Paris).
Crit'Air sticker - unlike a road toll vignette - only needs to be ordered once. It is valid as long as the vehicle's license plate remains the same. Zoomable maps of all environmental zones with their boundaries as well as detailed information on the different vehicle types, EURO classes, weekdays, times, special rules and exceptions are available on www.lez-france.fr or www.Green-Zones-App.eu

Hier bestellen Sie eine französische Vignette für französische ZCR/ZPA Umweltzonen in Frankreich
Order here a french anti-pollution sticker for environmental zones in France