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Since 2011 – The Danish EcoSticker

Since the first of November 2011 all foreign busses and lorries over 3,5 t need a Danish environmental EcoSticker in order to drive through the environmental zones of the larger Danish cities. Environmental zones exist in the Danish cities of Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg.

The Danish environmental EcoSticker is recognizable by its green colour and is assigned form the Euro Norm 4. The sticker bears the nationality and the registration plate of the vehicle.
Vehicles of Euro Norm 3 will have to be equipped not only with a retrofitted and approved particulate filter or at least meet the EURO-4 standard, they furthermore need to visibly display the certified Danish environmental badge on the windscreen.

When a vehicle doesn’t meet the environmental regulations the driver and trucking company can be punished with a fine of up to 20,000 DKK (2,700 Euro). The vehicle may also be impounded until a possible fine is paid. The law is enforced by the Danish police in cooperation with the local authorities.

In special cases a time-limited exemption can be sought with the Danish Environmental Protection Agency for vehicle that do not meet the requirements of the emission values to be exempted from the Danish for a certain time by the Danish environmental zone rules. If a request for a dispensation has been accepted, the appropriate vehicle will receive a red sticker showing that the vehicle has permission to drive through the Danish environmental zones for a limited period. The application must be submitted to the Danish Environmental Agency in Copenhagen.

Order here a Danish Environmental Badge Ecosticker for environmental zones in Denmark