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Overview of the fines in European environmental zones

In every environment zone, which has been set up in a country in Europe, fines are imposed when the entry restrictions are not observed or when an environmental zone is entered without the valid correspondingly badge.
Since generally in the first few years after establishing an environmental zone the entry of various emission classes or the colour of the environmental badge is changed, the driver of the vehicle should first assure himself whether they have a corresponding valid badge / sticker in the right colour.

Yet, if a violation is found by the police or other official bodies, some heavy fines can be issued. Below an overview of the then due fines in the various countries.

    Germany/ Blue Badge / Nothing until today
    Germany/ Umwelt-Plakette / 80,00-108,50 Euro
    Germany/ E-Plakette / Willingly
    Tschechien / Registration Prague 100 Euro
    France Crit-’Air Vignette / 68,00-375,00 Euro
    Danmark / EcoSticker / 20.000,00 DKK (2.700,00 Euro)
    Austria / Umwelt-Pickerl / 80,00-2.180,00 Euro

In the above the given fines are often given as a "from-to" amount. This is because the national legislature can distinguish if a fine is paid immediately in cash on site or whether the fine is sent in writing in an administrative procedure and then needs to be paid via bank transfer. As a rule, a cash payment on the spot is the "cheaper" variant.