Privacy Policy

Since our internet-service opens the possibility of entering private data (Email, name, address etc.), we remind here that those information are shared freely and voluntary.
We use personal data in a strict internal way in order to realize your demands and wishes and respect the current legislation in terms of personal data protection while collecting, using and processing them.
We will only transfer your personal data to government agencies in case of a strict legal demand.
Our employees are legally committed to the respect of a strict confidentiality.
We inform you by any written request about the data concerning your person saved in our system. You have a constant right of a rectification, a suppression or/and a blocking of your personal data.

The text above is a limited and reduced version of the rules relating to personal data protection. You can read the entire text exclusively in German.

You will find more information about our Piwik Web-analysis and how to shut it down in the informative text frame on the right in several languages.